Personal Stories

Michael Ginnety’s Story

I was five years of age at the time of the North Strand bombing. We lived in Newcomen Court, a small avenue facing the North Strand Cinema. I can clearly remember the night in question. My father had gone up to Summerhill with other men from the area, to help out, as they had been hit by a bomb earlier. The women were talking at the doorways when word came around that the German plane was back overhead. I was in bed with my two sisters. I was at one end and the girls were at the other. Suddenly I heard this whistling sound as the bomb dropped towards the earth and next all hell broke loose. I dived under the covers as the windows above the bed was blasted in. The wall at the other end of the bed where my two sisters were lying came down behind the bed.

If the bed had been tight to the wall, my two sisters would have surely been killed or injured. Having survived the shock we were taken out of bed and dressed. When the all clear was sounded we made our way to the North Strand Road. Soldiers with rifles were on duty outside shops and if my memory serves me right there were searchlights and anti-aircraft guns on the banks of the canal at Newcomen Bridge. I also remember the Red Cross ambulances with canvas bodies evacuating people from the area. Our little house was badly damaged and we were re-housed in West Cabra with a lot more of our neighbours. Unfortunately my mother, who I believe was heavily pregnant at the time, lost her baby who was still born, a fine big baby boy.

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