About this project

The North Strand Oral History Project is an initiative of Dublin City Archives, and aims to collect and preserve eyewitness accounts of the bombings.

If you’d like to participate in the project please drop us an email at cityarchives@dublincity.ie or give us a ring at 01 222 4848.

Interviews & Transcripts

The project was launched on 2009 and consisted of eight in-depth interviews, which were carried out with Dubliners, about their experiences of the bombing. In 2010 seven additional interviews were carried by Marc Redmond on behalf of Dublin City Archives.

Transcriptions (of audio recordings) were carried out by Ellen Murphy, Andrew O’Brien and Elizabeth Kane, Marc Redmond and Gillian Colton using the transcription guidelines in “Collecting and Preserving Folklore and Oral History: Basic Techniques” (Galway County Council, 2006). As far as possible the interviews have been transcribed without editing – so grammatical errors, and repetition of words and sentences have been included. Filler expressions such as ‘um’, ‘ah’ have been omitted and laughter and silence have been indicated as (laughs), and (pause). Notes inserted during editing of transcripts are recorded in square brackets [].

Further Information

Dublin City Archives, 138-144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2 cityarchives@dublincity. 01 222 4848