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Rita Brady’s Story

The night of the bombs I was fifteen years old and lived in Croydon Park Avenue. I had reserved a gold watch at the jewellers Fitzpatrick’s on North Strand and was paying for it in weekly installments so I would have it for Christmas.

I noticed some noise during the night but my first worry was that the jewellers would be gone and therefore the savings would be gone but it was fine and the watch was there and bought for Christmas.  Everyone was talking about the bomb and rushing to see where it fell.   Was afraid it would happen again. Not knowing was frightening.  People were talking and walking down to see it. Some people were crying, everyone was in shock.

We had a radio. So neighbours would come in to listen to the news, which ended up being very social.  The radio was nice and clear and we were the only family on the street with a radio.

I come from a family of four girls and one boy. Father was foreman checker in Sir John Rogerson Quay. We got a penny pocket money on Saturday. My father worked half a day on Saturday. We would be sitting outside waiting for him to get our penny and then we ran down to the shops to buy sweets. The bombings didn’t affect him getting to work. But my mammy was worried and prayed for him

Editor’s Note: Memories written at Fighting Words Writing Workshop on North Strand Bombing at Casino Forum Group, Marino, Dublin 3, 17 June 2011

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