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Dermot Moran’s Letter

Dermot MoranDermot Moran (d.2003) was living in Drumcondra the nights the bomb fell. He wrote the following letter on  1 – 2 June  1941 to his parents in Kerry in which he vividly described the sights and sounds that he heard from the bedroom window on the 30/31 May 1941. The letter was kindly donated to Dublin City Archives by the Moran Family.

Transcript of Original Letter Page 1

58, Upper Drumcondra Road,
Dublin 9.
2nd/1st June 1941,

Dear Dad,

I got your letter and was right glad to hear from ye and to learn all the news. We’ve been having pretty good weather here during the past week though last Sunday was not so very good. As a matter of fact it started pouring, and it was 8 o’clock in the evening before it cleared up. The new church at Drumcondra – Corpus Christi was consecrated that day and & ’tis many the person that got the bad drenching at it. Yesterday, on the other hand, was a really glorious day. In fact ’twas the nearest approach to Summer we’ve had yet.