Personal Stories

Sister Martha O’Connor’s Story

When I was accepted into the Community of Daughters of Charity in 1941, I was asked to Postulate in St Vincent’s, North William Street, Dublin. I remember arriving there and being welcomed by all the Sisters. There were more than twenty Sisters in the Community at that time. I shared a bedroom with Sr Marie Walsh – a room next to the Children’s Dormitory.

One night, when Sr Marie and I had settled down to sleep, we suddenly heard a most desperate loud noise and a terrible bang. My bed began to rock and I began to tremble, as the shrieking and whistling sound continued. All the windows were shattered and broken. Both of us jumped out of our beds, the floor seemed to be moving or shaking under us. Glass, gravel, dirt and dust were blowing into the room on top of us. I thought the house was falling down. This was the night when the Bomb fell on the North Strand.