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Ann Canning’s Story

I lived at the time at 14 O’Neachtain Rd, Drumcondra.  I was in love with a gorgeous fellow who lived in Killarney Street. I was mad about him. I was very worried about him because I felt sure he was killed or injured. I did not know at that time how to inquire about and even if I did know I didn’t know how if you know what I mean. I heard the noise of the bomb falling. I was 21. I was born in 1921 and at that young age you don’t worry about things. We were not in O’Neachtain Road then. We lived near the corner of Richmond Rd and Drumcondra Rd near a chemist shop. I think it is a plant and flower shop now. I worked off Grafton Street in Andrew’s Lane.  I was a tailoress. The bombing did not keep me from work. I knew the butcher whose shop was bombed. His name was Mr Savage. He had eight children. His head was blown off. I knew his daughter very well. My father was a member of the A.R.P. He went out at night doing duty during the Emergency. The initials stood for Airwave Raid Precautions. They wore a special hat. I never went down to the North Strand to see the bomb scene. I just heard reports of it. We were young then. Mr Savage’s shop was on the main road near the Five Lamps. They had a flat over the shop as well as the house on Richmond Road so he was either in the flat or the shop at the time. When I saw the picture of Richmond Cottages I remember the O’Connell school boys in their red blazers and little red caps to match.

Editor’s Note: Memories written at Fighting Words Writing Workshop on North Strand Bombing at Casino Forum Group, Marino, Dublin 3 on 17 June 2011

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