Personal Stories

Edward Maxwell’s Story

At the time of the bombing I was living at 28 St Aidan’s Park.  On 31/5/41 I remember playing football most of the day. As a result I was exhausted and slept throughout the entire bombing.  My brother, myself, and two pals were the only ones to miss all the excitement. The next morning we heard all the stories of what happened. My older brothers and sisters heard noise and opened the front door and my sister was blown the length of the hall to the kitchen door. Some of my neighbours were members of the A.R.P. and were very busy for the next few days. It was a few days later when we realised how serious the bombing had been.  I also remember the bombings on the South Circular Road. My father had a shop at Leonard’s Corner and all the glass was smashed. One house was opposite the synagogue. Nobody was seriously injured. The owner of the house was a rabbi named Raite.

Editor’s Note: Memories written at Fighting Words Writing Workshop on North Strand Bombing at Casino Forum Group, Marino, Dublin 3 on 17 June 2011

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